As we grow old

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the fact that we know and meet with lots of people and we label some of them as being our friends. But what does being a friend really means? It’s about getting in touch and meet once in a month? It’s about helping each other? It’s about sharing some deep wishes or secrets?

I know there are many people we call friends, but I’ve noticed that some connections are stronger than others. Maybe this friends thing has some differentiation criteria, thus there are different levels of friendship. Or maybe the people with whom we have strong connections are really our friends and the rest of them are just acquaintances.

Real friends are the ones you enjoy getting together with. The ones you love to help and they love helping you. They’re the ones that make you feel comfortable showing your true self. The true friends are the people you love having around no matter what. I hate wasting time, and doing it with people that bring no value in my life makes no exception.

Life is too short. From all the friends you have, with how many of them you love spending your time with?

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